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Monday, November 28, 2022
6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Connect with TCHC and Tridel for the latest update on the Regent Park Rezoning Application.

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Announcing the Community Benefits Oversight Working Group (CBOWG)

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TCHC and Tridel submitted a rezoning
application to the City of Toronto on
April 14. Read the press release here.

Read the proposal here.

Working Together to Bring the Vision of the Community to Life

About Regent Park Phases 4 & 5

Toronto Community Housing (TCHC), the lead developer and owner of Regent Park Phases 4 & 5, engaged in a Request for Proposal process to select a developer partner for the final two phases of the Regent Park revitalization. Tridel was selected as the successful developer with a plan that provides outstanding value for the physical and social transformation of Regent Park. Tridel’s commitment includes a social and economic development program valued at $26.8 million that will benefit the tenants and residents of Regent Park. The program will be shaped by regular, frequent, and direct input from the community on their priorities.

The Rezoning Application Process

TCHC and Tridel submitted a rezoning application to the City of Toronto on April 14. There are several steps to the rezoning application approval process, and opportunities for the community to have their say at key stages along the way – from point of submission, to returned feedback and resubmission, and before finalizing the rezoning application in line with City and community expectations.

We are pursuing a Rezoning Application to achieve more:

  • Critically needed affordable housing
  • High-quality homes for existing and future residents of Regent Park
  • Community spaces & amenities (including a new library space)
  • Open space

Community Engagement

Our goal is to engage you throughout the Rezoning / Master Planning and Community Benefits processes, through various events (in-person and online), and regular communications through multiple channels to get your feedback every step of the way in the rezoning process.
Rezoning / Master Planning Engagement:
View summaries from our past engagement events that culminated in the rezoning submission by clicking on the icons below:
View photos from past rezoning engagement events by scrolling to the right or left, below.
Community Benefits Engagement:
As part of the request for proposal (RFP) process to select TCHC’s developer partner for Phases 4 and 5 of the Regent Park revitalization, Tridel committed $26.8 million to the Regent Park community for community benefits, such as jobs and scholarships, in support of the Social Development Plan (SDP).

TCHC has selected a Community Benefits Oversight Working Group (CBOWG), a diverse 20-member advisory group of Regent Park residents (supported by 4 non-voting representatives from local agencies and subject matter experts) who will support a one-year community engagement process and identify what community benefits are important to Regent Park residents. Visit our Community Benefits page to learn more.

Connecting Residents to Jobs & Training

As part of Community Economic Development in the Regent Park community, Toronto Community Housing and Tridel are excited to support residents secure meaningful employment opportunities.
Since our first Community-wide meeting in March 2021, Tridel has supported the following Regent Park TCHC tenants to find employment:
+ 1
Full-time employees
+ 1
Part-time employees
+ 1

This resource hub connects community members to training, education, and employment opportunities through Tridel and their partners.

Here's What Regent Park Residents Had to Say About Connecting to Opportunities Through Tridel


Relocation is a vital part of any revitalization project. TCHC’s five-step relocation process premised on the values of respect, accountability, community consultation, collaboration, integrity and accessibility for persons with disabilities supports a smooth and comfortable transition for TCHC tenants.
Phase 4 building residents have received advanced notification of relocation in March 2022 and will be moving in Spring 2023.

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